Integrated Management Systems Inc. (IMS) has immediate job openings in both its Seattle and Houston operations:

Baytown, Texas

Production Supervisor - Baytown, TX - $15-$17/hr plus bonus, 3 years experience managing 25+ employees in a production environment.  (832) 984-6567.

Working Lead - Baytown, TX - $11-$13/hr plus bonus, 3 years experience in leading 10-25 employees in a production environment.  (832) 984-6567

Seattle, WA
Production Supervisor - Kent, WA - $15-$17/hr plus bonus, 3 years experience managing 25+ employees in a production environment.  (253) 220-2962.

Working Lead - Kent, WA - $11-$13/hr plus bonus, 3 years experience in leading 10-25 employees in a production environment. (253) 220-2962.



Integrated Management Systems Inc. (IMS) is a distribution outsourcing and software services firm that specializes in labor intensive warehouse and distribution operations. IMS uses its proprietary software technology (Easy Metrics), business process expertise and operational leadersthip to increase employee productivity. IMS has consistently been able to help customers reduce their per unit cost of labor from 10 to 30 percent. Most of these operations run between 50 and 500 employees, so cost savings are substantial. IMS has over 15 years experience in running highly complex production operations for some of the world's largest retailers and logistics companies. IMS was founded in 1996 and has approximately 600 employees.


The Vested Approach

IMS takes a Vested approach to its outsourcing relationships. IMS treats its customers as business partners and provides complete transparency of our operations to include labor costs and performance metrics. Our business model is one where we both benefit as we work together to improve the efficiencies of the operation. Most of our customers will see substantial gains in productivity. Since our services are generally priced on a production basis, traditionally those productivity gains would be in fabor of IMS. However, unique to our industry and ingrained in our Vested Outsourcing business model, IMS shares those productivity gains with customers in the form of rebates or price reductions. This ensures that we are business partners working together towards to maximize productivity and minimize per unit labor costs.


Easy Metricsfacility_scorecard1

Easy Metrics is a cloud based business application that gives organizations labor cost and performance metrics on their employees, customers and processes. Easy Metrics provides management and employees with clear visibility into their daily performance ands costs across all functions and processes within their organization. By analyzing this information, users can make better decisions on how to improve their operations and increase their productivity. Easy Metrics is simple to implement and is one of the most powerful tools available to lower labor costs and improve profitability. The average Easy Metrics customer has experienced productivity gains of over 40% within 7 months use of the system.


IMS is your distribution staffing specialist. Since its inception in 1996, IMS has distinguished itself in the marketplace as the only staffing firm that has the operations managers with a deep understanding of today Read more...